Chang ang

Chang Ang

Chang Ang(長庵 Chanan) is a Fahren cabinet member and current ruler of the realm until Aska comes of age.


Chang Ang has often put a great deal of pressure on Lady Aska to become a good ruler, which causes her to call him names, like "preachy old man"; or "bigmouth."


In the anime Chang Ang assists Lady Aska in her invasion of Cephiro by mostly giving her sage advice.


In the manga Chang Ang assists Lady Aska in her invasion of Cephiro. Throughout the second story arc, he constantly loses his temper with her because of her rash actions and silly decisions.


  • Chang Ang also makes an appearance in Tsubasa in the Country of Ōtō.
  • Chang Ang is voiced by Milton James and Kōhei Miyauchi (episodes 26-31)/Takkō Ishimori (episode 31+)
  • He is named after Chana Automobile Co. Ltd (a Chinese manufacturer).
  • In the Tokyopop 10th Anniversary edition, his name was given as Qiang Ang.

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