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FahrenFerioFerio, the Handsome, Mysterious Swordsman
Ferio in Desperation - A Romance in the DesertForest of ElelForest of Silence
Fuu HououjiFyulaGeo Metro
Guru ClefHikariHikari to Kage wo Dakishimeta Mama
Hikaru, Umi, and Fuu's Unyielding WishHikaru ShidouInouva
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Lives at Stake - Presea's WeaponsMagic Knight Rayearth (Manga)Magic Knight Rayearth (Opening Indonesia song)
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SatoruSeason 1Season 2
SeleceShowdown! The Magic Knights Versus ZagatoShrine of Fire
Shrine of WaterShrine of WindSierra
Spring of EternaTartaTatra
The Birth of the Legendary Magic Knights!The Fearsome Illusionist CaldinaThe Horrible Trap of Summoner Ascot
The Last Rune-God: Rayearth, the Lord of FireThe Legend of the Rune-Gods - In Cephiro, Another WorldThe Magic Knights' Greatest Crisis
The Most Valuable Thing in this WorldThe Second Rune-God: Windam, the Lord of the SkiesThe Truth About Inouva, and the Return of Memories
The Unbelievable Truth About the Legendary Magic Knights!Tokyo TowerUmi Ryuuzaki
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WindamYuzurenai NegaiZagato
Zagato's Rune GodZazu Torque

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