Presea (プレセア Puresea)is the best blacksmith in Cephiro, known there as a Pharle or "artisan." She is one of Clef's students and seems to have a crush on him. She aided the Magic Knights by making their legendary swords from the mineral Escudo.

She is named after the Nissan Presea.



Presea's official artbook art

In both the anime and manga series, she is shown to be quite sadistic, by plotting ways to punish Mokona for making a mess in her study (including yanking his ears, hanging him upside-down while she dances about him dressed as a Native American, and prying his always closed eyes wide open). Her trap captures the Magic Knights by mistake, so she ponders whether to stretch their cheeks or boil them in a big pot, again wearing a feathered headdress and doing a war dance.



Presea manga

Presea in the manga

Presea first appears in the manga after the Magic Knights enter her home. Trying to catch Mokona, she accidentally catches the Knights, but decides to punish them anyways for being intruders. However, upon learning that the door was unlocked, she realized that they were the Magic Knights, and gave them weapons to use.


In the anime series, she is killed by one of Ascot's beast summons. This death happens only in the anime, and created a rather large plot hole for the second season when Presea becomes a necessary character in the manga counterpart.

In order to fill this plot hole, her twin sister, Sierra, is created to pose as her. The only ones to realize that Sierra is not Presea are Guru Clef, Mokona, and Alcyone.

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