Primera (プリメーラ Purimera)  is a fairy who has acted very protective of Lantis ever since he saved her from a monster attack. She's very jealous and possessive of Lantis, and thus harbors a deep dislike for Hikaru Shidou.


Since the beginning of both the anime and manga, she was almost always by Lantis side. When Mokona began to tease Primera in order to get her out of Hikaru's way, she quickly began to greatly dislike the creature.

Eventually when Hikaru and Lantis start to become friends with each other, she would try to stop them out of jealousy. However, Mokona would either chase her away or eat her and quickly spit her back out. She can use low-level healing magic when necessary, and a magic enhancer.




Primera has turquiose blue hair, amber eyes, and a pale complexion. She wears a pink dress lined with gold as well as a matching choker and bracelets.


  • Primera makes an appearance in Tsubasa in the Hanshin Republic and is later mentioned in the country of Piffle, by Shogo Asagi. Rather than being tiny, she is the size of a normal human. She is named after the Nissan Primera.
  • Primera is voiced by Rebecca Forstadt and Yuri Shiratori and Laura Bailey in Tsubasa.

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