References (actual or possible) to Magic Knight Rayearth in other programs

"The Vision of Escaflowne" (Tenku no Escaflowne)  Anime 1996 (In the opinion of Gabriel Finch)  This anime seems in many respects a copy of Magical warrior by sigiuentes similarities:

  • Starts with a transfer to another dimension with a girl (Hitomi Kanzaki) from his school (yes, it was moved here just a girl).
  • The atmosphere is fantastic-medieval with a wick (mechanisms, robots) giants.
  • The Guymelef (this anime robots) are similar to those geniuses Zephyr.
Season of the sakura

Season of the Sakura


"Season of the Sakura" Japanese Erotic Game from 1996

  • The characters Mio Suzuki, Reiko Sawamura and Kiyomi Shinfuji are exact carbon copys respectively of Hikaru (although the hair color was changed to dark blue), Umi and Fuu right down to their designs and character personalities.

"The Ciberequipo Akihabara" (Akihabara Dennou Gumi / Cyber ​​Team in Akihabara)  Manga and anime created by Tsukasa Kotobuki 1998

  • Hanakoganei Hibari seems a more childish version of Hikaru.
  • Suzume Sakurajousui bears some resemblance to Marina, but not so much physically but rather in the fact that both girls are rich, snobbish and grumpy.
  • The five stars of this series wear different uniforms each other even though these are studying in the same school ... where the uniform of the other students is different.
  • Crane "Prince" has some resemblance to Barnstrike Clef.
  • Ohtori Tsubame seems to refer to Light. Even Tsubame had planned to use his paw-pi become diva (which also make leg-pi of the protagonists of the series) to "play with Hibari," which would refer to when Light wanted to "play" with Hikaru, with except that the "games" Tsubame were much less dangerous.

"Demonic Armor Cybuster" (Masou Kishin Cybuster / Cybaster)  Anime 1999

  • The divinity Jeifar resembles Rayearth.

"Angelic Layer" (Layer Angelica) 
Manga 1999 and 2001 anime created by CLAMP

  • Hikaru Angel (angel of Misaki) is based on Hikaru (There even Misaki's favorite manga Magic Knight Rayearth and Hikaru is his favorite character).
  • Ranga The angel looks like Tata.

"Excel Saga" (Excel Saga) 
Manga and anime 1997 1999

  • Lord has Ilpalazzo apparel, and his way of being similar to Zagato lair.

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