Volume 5
Manga Volume 5 (Japan)
Basic Information

魔法騎士 レイアース Vol.5


Majikku Naito Reiāsu Vol.5


Magic Knight Rayearth Vol.5

Chapter Information





Kodansha (JP)
TokyoPop (US)

Release Date

December 18, 1995 (JP)
March 1, 2001 (US)

Age Rating

Young (7+)

Magic Knight Rayearth Volume 5 is the fifth volume in the Magic Knight Rayearth manga series and is book two in the second season of the manga series.


Volume 5 opens up with Chizeta and Fahren attacking the castle, the Magic Knights rush to the defense and the battle begins. Chizeta and Fahren ignore the Magic Knights and fight among themselves exhausting their mental energy causing their roads to disappear forcing them to retreat. Eagle awakens from his sleep after collapsing in front of his FTO earlier. Lantis heads back outside and Clef notices causing him to flashback to the time when he was training Lantis, they discuss the relationship between Zagato and Princess Emeraude and question if it is right to have someone sacrifice happiness in order to protect the beautiful peace of Cephiro. Everyone else in the castle also question the pillar and have their doubts as they never want anything like that to happen again, meanwhile Eagle reflects on his time with Lantis and explains the reason his people are invading Cephiro is because they need to pillar to clear the polluted skies of Autozam. Fahren attacks again using a high level illusion spell to control Umi's actions forcing her to attack Hikaru and Fuu, Umi doesn't want to hurt her friends and breaks through the spell. Eagle then uses his mental energy to close Chizeta's and Fahren's roads to Cephiro causing him to pass out, Geo gives Eagle some of his own mental energy to make sure he won't turn into a vegetable-like state. Hikaru rashly enters Autozam's road while Umi and Fuu cannot, she collapses and Lantis take her back to the castle to a room where she can rest. The volume ends with a mysterious meeting between Mokona and the Rune God's discussing the fact that a Magic Knight has entered the road of another country.